Iran: Untold Stories in Indonesia

Presenter: Komeil Soheili
Location: Indonesia (Jakarta, Yogyakarta)
Duration: 1year (August2013- August2014)
Places of venues: Universities (UGM, UIN, UMY), RIJ creative space, Documentary film festival, etc 
Numbers of venues: 24
- Series of presentations about our personal experience of living and traveling in Iran: The lifestyle of Iran’s younger generation, with examples of ourselves or our close friends; Historical relation between Iran and Indonesia: Adopted Persian words in Indonesian language; Commercial relations through Silk Road; Traveling within Iran: Soheili experiences of traveling in Iran and those of foreign travelers who had traveled with him in cities like Mashhad, Kashan, etc.
- Basic classes for Persian language with Music and singing.
- Iran for children: Workshops for elementary school children with Iranian music, games and puppets.
- Iranian cinema: presentation about Iranian cinema, unveiling the cultural and historical elements that made Iranian cinema world prized. Presenting selected Iranian movies.